Barna Trends 2018

Barna Trends 2018


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Your comprehensive guide to the latest cultural, religious and political trends

In a time when reality seems relative and even the facts are open to interpretation, it's never been more important to have an informed and grounded understanding of the world around us. 

For thirty years, Barna Group has been a trusted guide to sorting out the truth. Barna Trends 2018 is an indispensable collection of knowledge and analysis, presenting an annual review of Barna's recent major research studies. Divided into sections on culture, life, and faith, featured content includes:

  • full-color infographics and charts
  • feature-length articles unpacking the research
  • interviews and reflections from thought leaders and subject experts
  • fast facts and snapshots of general trends
  • editorials and analysis from the Barna team 

Whether you're looking for answers for yourself or hoping to write, preach, or present with greater certainty, Barna Trends 2018 is an essential companion in a post-truth society. 

224 pages