Finding Faith in Ireland

Finding Faith in Ireland


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Inside the Minds of Irish Youth

Barna’s research often speaks to the difficulty of developing a deep and lasting faith, even in cultures and regions long associated with the Church. This report focuses on the Republic of Ireland, where the majority religion is becoming a nominal expression and pluralism and secularisation are increasingly influential. In the midst of these changes is a young generation that is anxious and searching. As Irish youth wrestle with the values of popular culture, societal expectations for success and the nation’s transforming spiritual identity, they need guidance from mature believers. This study, conducted in partnership with Christ in Youth, closely examines Irish teenagers and young adults, with a specific emphasis on their faith, worries and perceptions of Christianity. Anchored in unique qualitative and quantitative studies, Finding Faith in Ireland includes:

  • Insights and commentary from youth workers
  • New data about the beliefs, concerns and ambitions of Irish youth
  • Infographics and charts visualizing how young Irish people see and relate to the Church
  • Barna analysis about the importance of spiritual mentors, encounters and events
  • Revelations from in-depth interviews with young people in the Republic of Ireland

Finding Faith in Ireland is an essential read about the mindsets of Irish teens and young adults, for the people who lead and care about them. In this report, parents, ministers and youth workers will find information and motivation to help younger generations cultivate a faith that not only survives these formative years but endures into adulthood.

Full color with infographics. 80 pages.