The UK Church in Action

The UK Church in Action


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Restoring a Reputation for Justice

What good is the Church?

When it comes to measuring the social impact of Christian communities in their region or around the world, many adults in the United Kingdom draw a blank. In an increasingly secular era, non-Christians are just as likely to be unsure of the Church’s influence as they are to have a negative opinion of it. It seems the significant good that Christians do in the UK and around the world is not well-understood by those outside the faith.

Meanwhile, church leaders and churchgoers are having their own deliberations about what Christians should be known for and which needs they should be meeting. The UK Church in Action, based on a Barna Global study sponsored by World Vision UK, gets to the heart of what social justice and mission mean today to pastors and to Christians, in the hope that churches can improve their strategies, their partnerships and perhaps even their public reputation.

Drawing from surveys of the general population, active Christians and church leaders, The UK Church in Action includes: 

  • An eye-opening look at how UK adults view and describe faith communities
  • Infographics and charts that illustrate perceptions and activities related to social justice
  • Interviews with leading theologians and activists in the Church
  • An overview of the ideals, programmes, metrics and partnerships that define mission work
  • Barna Global analysis about how different generations approach the Church’s call to care for those in need

The data and lessons contained in this report will empower Christians in the UK to work toward a future in which the Church is more respected, more effective and more committed than ever to pursuing justice for the cause of Christ.

Full color with infographics. 112 pages.