You Lost Me

You Lost Me


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Reconnect Christianity with Teens and Young Adults

Millions of young Christians are disconnecting from church as they transition to adulthood. They are real people, not just statistics. Now the best-selling author of unChristian, David Kinnaman, reveals the long-awaited results of a new nationwide study of 18- to 29-year-olds with a Christian background. Discover why so many are disengaging from the faith community, renew your hope for how God is at work in the next generation of teens and young adults—and find out how you can join in.

Use this book to:

  • Better understand the questions and issues raised by today's teens and young adults
  • Prepare your church for the next generation
  • Start healthy, transparent conversations about Christianity and the church
  • Rethink your ministry to young people
  • Encourage those who have walked away from faith or from the church

 This book is written for:

  • pastors and church boards
  • youth and college ministry leaders
  • educators and others who work with young people
  • parents
  • young adults and teenagers
  • professionals who need to understand teens / twentysomethings

Start a Conversation
The new book includes input from various contributors. Readers will find ideas for passing on a flourishing, deep-rooted faith from leading voices such as Jon Acuff, Francis Chan, Shane Claiborne, Kenda Creasy Dean, Steven Garber, Gabe Lyons, Scot McKnight, Mark Matlock, Walt Mueller, John Ortberg, Kara Powell, Richard Stearns, and many more.

Use the book to start a conversation in your family or church about faith and faithfulness in the lives of the teens and twentysomethings you know.